Ramgarh Cantonment has 08 wards with 02 Military Regiment S.R.C and P.R.C. Cantt area population of 88781 as per census 2011. Ramgarh Cantt maintains all 08 wards along with 02 Military Regiment S.R.C and P.R.C. Ramgarh Cantt provides sanitation service which includes daily sweeping, drain cleaning, garbage lifting and Door to Door collection from each ward. Ramgarh Cantt has 01 Trenching Ground for dumping of garbage and 13 nos. of community and public toilets for the citizens of Ramgarh Cantt. Ramgarh Cantt is ODF free city. In Swacch Survekshan 2019, Ramgarh Cantt was in 09th position out of all 62 Cantonment Board. During Pandemic of COVID-19 Ramgarh Cantt has done sanitization of all wards Hospitals, Schools, Muhallas, Bus Stand and Railway Station etc. to fight COVID-19. The system of collection, transportation and disposal of garbage in the Ramgarh Cantonment is partly manual and partly mechanized. The Board has various cement concrete/brick masonry bins located in the various part of the cantt. The garbage collected from these bins is carried to the trenching ground by tippers for mechanical unloading. The services being provided by the Board include road sweeping, drain cleaning, cleaning of group latrines, septic tanks, soak wells, urinals, removal of grass and dead animals, cattle impounding and cleaning of footpath etc. Jetting machine for multifarious activity like cleaning of septic tank is available in Cantt Board.

Lifting of Garbage

Garbage lifting by Cantonment has between planned in such a manner that /rubbish from all places are removed daily. Cantonment Board has identified a number of garbage points as main points where the garbage is lifted daily. The sanitation staff has instructions to remove garbage been provided by colony residents. The public is requested to ensure that new garbage points are not created in their localities unless it has the approval of Sanitary Inspectors of said Circle and a cemented garbage bin is provided in case the Garbage is not lifted from any point any responsible citizen can report the matter to the office/Sanitary Inspectors or may send the written complaint to the Sanitary Inspector. The Complaints pertaining to the following matters may be made to the sanitary Inspectors concerned at the Office.

(i) Over-flow of drains.

(ii) Removal of any dead dog/ animals.

(iii) Un-authorized dumping of rubbish or debris.

(iv) Removal of rubbish/garbage.

Responsibilities of Sanitation Department

1. Sweeping Roads

2. Garbage Lifting

3. Cleaning & Opening Drainage nalas/ Open drains

4. Public Toilets

5. Anti Malaria Operation

6. Lanes, roads, small drains, dustbins, urinals, group latrines and dead cattle in civil area

7. Cleaning of septic tanks of latrines in civil area